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The company Health Food Product (P) Ltd. (HFPPL), was established in the year 1997 and started its commercial production on 1st January 1998 under the aegis of Mr. Hasan Akbar Ali and his younger brother Mr. Karim Kabiruddin.

HFPPL nurtured and built a brand name, FROSTEE Ice-cream from scratch in a market which was previously monopolized by a Multi-National brand. Initially intended to carter to a local market. HFPPL grew its distribution market to all over Orissa (i.e. covering all the districts) as well as the neighboring northern Andhra Pradesh. The company at present has more than 3500 retail outlets.

HFPPL has got an array of Italian, Chinese and Indian machines to produce FROSTEE ice-cream. For the purpose of quality control HFPPL has its own in house laboratory with approved testing equipments. The total process starting from the procurement of materials to production of ice-cream and dispatch of the same to a wide range of customers is being handled by a team of self motivated, hardcore professionals having technical qualification relevant to their field and long professional experience. The lowest rung of the hierarchy are also a band of young & energetic workhorses.

FROSTEE ice-cream broke the myth of ice-cream being a seasonal product by producing a wide variety of ice-cream to cater to different seasons.

Mr. Hasan Akbar AliMr. Hasan Akbar Ali is the Managing Director of Health Food Product Pvt. Ltd.Cuttack He had been to United States of America during the year 1991, and has 32 Year of Marketing Experience.
Mr. Karim KabiruddinMr. Karim Kabiruddin is the Executive Director of Health Food Product (P) Ltd. He has a very good experience in Finance & Public Relations.
Mr. Hussain Hasan Ali is the Director of Health Food Product Private Limited. He Completed his Post Graduation in Business Management from Xavier's Institute Of Management, Bhubaneswar in the year 2010 and now looks after the overall management of the company.
The Promoter’s are from a family of wholesale traders, dealing in spices, grocery, pulses and jaggery for the last 116 years under the name of M/s Kasam Manji & Co. and form 1st October 1968 under the name M/s Hasam Kasam Manji & Co. Cuttack
Our company is financially sound and is availing all type of banking facilities from our banker i.e. Punjab National Bank, Buxi Bazar Cuttack. Phones: 91+671-2421896, 2423433. Our financial capacity permit us sufficient raw material and packing material as well as finished goods to cater to various needs and urgent requirements of the customers.
Description No. of Machine
Continuous Freezer 7
Homogenizer (3000lt/hr) 1
Homogenizer (500lt/hr) 1
PHE Chiller (1000 lt/hr) 1
PHE Chiller (500 lt/hr) 1
Cold Room  (Capacity 21000 CFT) 4
Ammonia Compressors KC-21) 2
Ammonia Compressors (KC - 51) 1
Pasteurizer HTST (2000 LPH) 1
Ageing Vat 6
Candy Making Machine (6000 pcs per hour) 1
Ice Bank Tanks (5000 Ltrs) 2
Ice Bank (30000Ltrs) 1
Hot water generator (200000 Kilo Calorie) 1
Automatic Cup and cone filling machine 2
Food Feeder 1
Ripple Machine 1
Barcoding Machine 2
Date coding Machine 1
Diesel Generator (250 kilowatt) 1
Diesel Generator (125 kilowatt) 1
Quality Control Laboratory with
Hot Air Oven, OGA-1518, MO81 Mac Conkey Agar, 500gm, MO91S Plate Count Agar, 500gm, Autoclave, ATCV-1220, Laminar Air Flow Chamber, ASH-2, Hot Plate, HPR-1220, Spirit Lamp, Incubator, BIA-1518, Digital Colony Counter, DCC-3 Compound Microscope, 10x, Sharp Potable pH Meter, SM-101, Digital Weiging machine 600g e-10mg, Digital Weighing Scale, Analytical Balance Microoven & other testing related Machineries.
Machine Shop for Deep Freezer repairing
  Health Food Product Private Limited